Each successive year sees more feature films, short films, television shows and web videos produced than ever before. With new film festivals appearing every year and independent distributors and collectives fighting to make even the lowliest of shoe-string indies available, cinephiles have never been so privileged to sample the great variety of flavors and textures offered by the world’s filmmakers.

Though we all eventually return to the genres and themes we know and love (whether they compliment each other or not), it is surely a crime to remain bound solely to the multiplex or the art-house when surrounded by such limitless variety in cinema. Of course, such variety is overwhelming and it always will be, so films become pigeon-holed and divisions sub-divided to make each new form manageable and marketable. Films Of Every Colour is written by and for those happy to be overwhelmed: omnivorous cineastes willing to wade through the growing cinematic swamp in search of truth and fun.

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